SCA Did You Know

Dear SCA Families,

Happy New Year! Have you ever been informed of something new that you were surprised you did not already know? Perhaps it was a life hack, or a phone trick? I just learned last week that if you hold down the flashlight icon on your i-phone, options appear that allow you to adjust the brightness! I had no idea. In this busy world we live in, I imagine there are some facts many of you may not know about this wonderful school your children attend. This is why once a year we like to send out a “Did you know?” email to fill you in on some various random tidbits and facts you may not be aware of. And they are fun to read! How many of these did you already know?

• Did you know … SCA was recently voted for the second year in a row as the Best Private or Charter School in the Valley by Arizona Foothills Magazine? Way to go SCA!

• Did you know … that SCA held a 50th year reunion for all former faculty and staff at SCA, and we had a room of over 68 people join in the reunion?

• Did you know … that Scott MacIntyre (American Idol Season 8) will be performing at our 50th Year Gala on March 17th at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess? Scott is visually impaired due to Leber’s congenital amaurosis, has a tremendous testimony, is married to a former SCA student, and will be performing with SCA’s Chorale at the celebration.

• Did you know … that SCA is creating a focus on financial literacy for our students. This is something that is often not taught in schools, but such an important skill for them to obtain before college. In elementary they are working with Moneyville and Danske Bank’s Financial Literacy Program in Mr. Goldsmith’s technology classes. In middle school and high school, we will be having a financial literacy assembly and program, and a focused half day workshop for the 8th graders with Legacy Shifters. In the Fall we will be adding a dual enrollment (college credit) elective through Arizona Christian University on personal finance taught by our Superintendent!

• Did you know … we already have 4 elementary students that have read over 1,000,000 words since school started in August, and are now part of the “Million Word Club”?

• Did you know … that SCA is in the early planning and design phase of a technological Innovation and Creation Center on campus that will serve all grades K-12, which will open during the 2018-19 school year?

• Did you know … that beginning next school year all freshman at SCA will have a tablet in their hand to assist them in their learning, and the 1-to-1 roll out will begin?

• Did you know … SCA is designing a “Rising Scholar” program with GCU that will enable high school students to take 5 dual enrollment classes at SCA, through GCU, while earning college credit and receiving an honorary cord at graduation. SCA already has a multitude of Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE) classes that help students get a head start with their college education.

• Did you know … that SCA’s Chorale often performs at special events. This year, they were invited to sing at Scottsdale Leadership’s Annual Spirit of Community Leadership Awards. With about 500 of Scottsdale’s top leaders in attendance, including the Mayor of Scottsdale and many other prominent business and charity leaders, SCA’s Chorale made all of us proud!

• Did you know … SCA offers an 8th grade mentor program. Every year 8th grade students apply and are selected to serve as mentors in elementary classrooms. Mentors are given the opportunity to assist in the classroom. Mentors have helped in reading and math groups, helped students study for tests/quizzes, organized games at recess, and helped kindergartners learn to tie their shoes! This is a great way to build unity and give leadership opportunities to our 8th graders.

• Did you know … SCA has a podcast? Check out the first several episodes of the SCA EagleCast and get to know SCA a little better. Please subscribe to the podcast on ITunes, you won’t regret it. These are fun to listen to while you are driving, exercising, or walking your dog. Simply search for “EagleCast” on ITunes Podcasts, or Click Here.

• Did you know … that we meet one morning each month in the high school courtyard at the flagpole to pray over SCA? Please join us. Parents, students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to join us in prayer for the blessing and protection of SCA. The next gathering will be this Thursday, January 11, at 7:15am.

• Did you know … that our last graduating class received scholarship offers exceeding 5.3 Million dollars! Our students were accepted by over 52 different colleges and universities!

• We are sure you know … that we love you and appreciate you! Thank you for partnering with us and for being a part of the SCA family. It is a joy serving Christ together.
God Bless you all!