Tuition Assistance

Options for Tuition Assistance SCA desires that a Christian school experience should be accessible to everyone. There are so many options that can help make paying for an SCA education more achievable for some families.

Family Referrals

Get $500 per child (K-12) or $100 (PS-PK) that you recommend off of your tuition (up to the cost of tuition).  The newly enrolled family simply needs to list you as their referral at the time of application.
A major goal of SCA’s comprehensive marketing strategy is to target Christian families who value a Christian school education for their child(ren). To achieve this goal, a variety of programs and enrollment initiatives are utilized. One program, the Student Referral Program, is specifically design to attract new families and, at the same time, provide extra compensation opportunities for current SCA families and current SCA employees. The specifics of this program are as follows:
  • Any current SCA family who introduces a prospective family to SCA resulting in an enrollment of one or more of that family’s children, will be compensated in the form of a reduction in tuition for their children in the current academic year.
  • “Introduce” is defined as acquainting them with SCA.
  • If the prospective family introduced to SCA by a current SCA family commences the enrollment process, the prospective family should simply list them as a referral at the time of application.
  • Confirmation of the referral will result in a waiver of the application fee for the prospective family if the prospect family actually completes the enrollment process. This application fee will be reimbursed in the form of a reduced tuition amount for new enrollees.
  • The tuition reduction referred to previously will be in the form of a credit applied to the referring SCA family’s tuition account. The amount of credit will be $500 per student enrolled during the current school year. Credit will be applied after the new student(s) completes the first semester of school.
  • Referral credit amounts will be distributed, half on December 10 and half on May 10 of the school year. Midyear enrollment of a new student will result in half of the current year’s paid tuition and will be applied on May 10 to the referring SCA family’s tuition account.
  • The number of referrals is unlimited in terms of reducing the current tuition amounts of SCA parents. However, should the credited amount exceed the actual tuition liability, there will be no cash payment made to any referring family.
  • It should be clearly understood that all referral credit amounts are subject to applicable IRS regulations (e.g., a 1099 must be issued if the referral credit amount exceeds $600).

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