Elementary School


Develop a Genuine Joy of Learning

We recognize each student represents a tremendous potential to impact the world for Jesus Christ in whatever arena they find themselves in future years. We encourage our students to explore varied interests and find joy in the process. Education is an adventure that God uses to teach us about ourselves and grow in our understanding of His purpose for our life.



Early Childhood

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes are joyous and vibrant!  Our young learners develop social, emotional and academic skills in an active, multi-sensory, explorative setting.  Our goal is to provide experiences daily, which will build students’ confidence and independence as they learn not only “school skills” but, more importantly, the JOY of exploring and learning.  We offer a 2-day (half or full day) program for 3-year-old students and a 3-day or 5-day (half or full day) program for our 4-year-old students.



Develop Christian character traits that glorify God

We were created by God.  He loves us deeply and desires a personal relationship with each one of us.  Knowing Him and learning about His Word, the Bible, gives life meaning and purpose.  Each of us can glorify God in ways that are unique.  Developing great character traits enables us to share God’s love to those around us.

Provide a variety of instructional approaches to meet the diverse ways students learn

Our exceptional team of teachers is our greatest asset.  They are highly trained educators who care deeply for each student.  They recognize true learning happens differently and individual learning styles are varied.  Each child is a precious gift from the Creator, and it is a teacher’s responsibility to come alongside each student, nurturing their abilities, strengthening their weaknesses, and guiding them to be discerning, critical thinkers.

Biblical Integration

Our faith permeates all of life.  Teachers at Scottsdale Christian Academy are committed to helping our students discover the truths of scripture in everything they learn.  Forming a Christian world view enables Biblical principles which will guide them in their understanding of the world God created.

Handbook Receipt and Agreement Form

Print, sign and return this copy to your Homeroom Teacher

  • Dear Families,

    It is a genuine honor to serve at SCA. After receiving a B.S. from Grand Canyon University in Elementary Education with minors in Social Sciences and Psychology, I joined the SCA faculty in 1994. Then, I received an Arizona Principal Certificate and a Master’s Degree in Education Intervention with a Gifted Education emphasis. I have been so blessed to teach children the truths of God and to teach them that: God is in control, sovereign, loving, and He is all there is, was, and will be. I want to help our students grow and stand on the Biblical foundation given to them at SCA; be a light to the world; use their gifts for the Lord and make an impact for the Kingdom. I joyfully look forward to each day as I work with the elementary families, students, and teachers in our exceptional community. I anticipate another wonderful year filled with learning, growing, and a lot of smiling faces!

    In Him,

    Kristen McClue
    Elementary Principal

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