Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at SCA The whole goal for spiritual life at SCA is to ensure that our students meet and interact with Jesus on a daily basis.

  • Elementary Bible Buddies

  • Small Groups in Middle and High School

  • Weekly Chapels

  • Alabama Team

    “Our purpose was to garner favor and open doors for the gospel to go forth. The kids crossed many societal barriers, making new friends and serving with the passion of Jesus Christ. Our eyes were opened to a world who’s only hope is Jesus.” – Nicki McKee, chaperone – Alabama, 2018

  • Belize Team

    “The trip is amazing and everyone is having such a great time. We miss our families at home but also don’t want to leave anytime soon. We ask for your prayers that we continue to have an amazing trip and continue to stay safe and healthy.”    Kendall Snyder, student 2019

  • Costa Rica Team

    “I truly see God working when normally shy students are able to have fun in the chaos of another country. Seeing kids smiling and laughing playing silly games proves that we are all still kids at heart. What a great reminder that Jesus calls us to have child-like faith. ”  Christine Fox, Chaperone, 2019

    “The hardest part in clearing out the strawberry fields was breaking and taking out the roots. In many instances, we found the roots traveling several feet. What struck me while we were fighting to tear the plants out was that they were so connected that it took brute force to destroy the connection. And that’s how we are called to be in Christ. So connected that the struggle to pull us away from Him would be close to impossible.”  Christine Fox, Chaperone, 2019

  • Dominican Republic Team

    “We officially know how to mix concrete, pour posts, clear dirt hills, and build cinder block walls. We worked harder than a lot of us have probably ever worked, and loved every minute of it!” – Mallory Gilbert, chaperone –  2019


  • Ecuador Team

    “The joy on our kids faces even not understanding anything or most of what the kids were saying, but just being able to play and have fun and smile and laugh was enough to warm anyone’s heart.”  Chuck Watkins, chaperone 2019

    “Our way of life is what we grow up to believe as “The Way” and it is hard to understand that others grow up the same way. As an example, some people make rice a certain way and others a different way and in the end, it’s still rice just different, right? ”   Chuck Watkins, chaperone 2019

  • Fort Worth Team

    “We are so proud of our kids and their serving hearts! Today we worked at a local church Neighborhood Needs and did everything from tree trimming and gardening to serving the homeless food, clothes, & gifts. It was a great day!”   Chaperone,  2019


  • Houston Team

    “We are seeing firsthand just how severe the flooding from Hurricane Harvey and damage here around Lake Jackson.  It is staggering.”  Leigh Anne Kreykes, chaperone 2019

    “We delivered “We Care” boxes to Housing Rehab families.” Leigh Anne Kreykes, chaperone 2019

  • Nashville Team

    “We encountered systemic brokenness and are carrying heavy hearts for those we served..” – Nick Barker, chaperone, 2019

    “Our group served with compassion, zeal, and excellence. I’m very proud of them and am inspired by their commitment to following Christ.” – Nick Barker, chaperone, 2019

  • Phoenix Team

    As God’s people we have the privilege of participating in His mission of restoration. In and of ourselves we do not add anything to God’s mission, but rather we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to declare and demonstrate the gospel.

    “We were challenged to examine the complexities of the people around us who are not like us and then to treat them as God’s Word instructs us to treat them. ”

    “God truly opened our eyes to what He is doing in our hometown and how we can get involved ourselves. Like Romans 12:26 says, “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.” We don’t have to go very far to experience God through serving Him in these local opportunities. What a blessing our team received by loving God and loving our neighbors this week!”

    Paul Clark, chaperone, 2019

  • Salt Lake City Team

    “We spent some time this morning with Pastor John going over effective ways of evangelizing, especially to members of the LDS faith. We focused on loving people and letting Christ show Himself through our testimony.” Renee Chester, chaperone, 2019

  • Yucatan Team

    “Team Yucatan will sleep very well, on the cusp of leaping into an adventure tomorrow morning as we finally begin to love on, preach to, and serve those God brings us. We have been praying for this team for 6 months and are eager to see where God takes this focused and talented group of SCA missionaries next.”  Jeff Dyer, chaperone, 2029

    “We had two houses to paint, so we split up into two groups. We prayed with the family of the house after we finished, and you could truly see their appreciation for the work we put in for them.” – Christian Pahnke, student,  2019

    “The village team ran a Vacation Bible School for the kids in the village. They took many toys and were ready to see and love on a lot of kids.”  Gabby Rushin, student 2019

    “Becoming clay was our theme for the week, and the process has been painful. We have had countless opportunities all week long to get uncomfortable- and through each incident we have seen God do great things. Our God is the Master Artist and we are His workmanship- in order to be formed by Him we must be pliable. Branches must be pruned. Silver must be refined. Seeds must be buried in the ground and die. But in these painful acts- there is growth, beauty, fruitfulness.”   Olivia Lopez, Chaperone, 2019

  • Director of Spiritual Life


Missions Trips

Every year our high school closes for a week and all high school students participate in school led local, national, and international mission trips.

Serving Others

Scottsdale Christian Academy values serving in the community.  All middle school students participate in two community service days.  All middle and high school students also complete a minimum of 18 service hours a year, and elementary students participate in numerous service oriented field trips.

Please use this link to participate in the Spiritual Growth Assessment for the  High School.

Please use this link to participate in the Spiritual Growth Assessment for Middle School.

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