Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at SCA The whole goal for spiritual life at SCA is to ensure that our students meet and interact with Jesus on a daily basis.

  • Elementary Bible Buddies

  • Small Groups in Middle and High School

  • Weekly Chapels

SCA is strongly committed to the Biblical call for missions. Providing opportunities for our students to develop, express, and share their faith with others, either locally or in other parts of the country and world, is an essential component of our spiritual training. Students will be required to participate in high school missions as a part of our program.

Missions Week 2019 February 25 – March 3

Director of Spiritual Life


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  • Alabama Team

    “Our purpose was to garner favor and open doors for the gospel to go forth. The kids crossed many societal barriers, making new friends and serving with the passion of Jesus Christ. Our eyes were opened to a world who’s only hope is Jesus.” – Nicki McKee, chaperone – Alabama, 2018

  • Belize Team

    “Before going to sleep, we all met outside the cabins to pray. Every team member thanked God for something He had done that day, including our safe flight, healthy kids, and great food.”- Cass Henderson, chaperone – Belize, 2018

    “The commonality of our faith in Christ being the only hope for the world connected us in a way that was powerful”- Lisa Tooker, parent chaperone –  Belize, 2018.

  • Costa Rica Team

    “Our team had a blast coming together to become the hands and feet of Jesus this week. They truly became one team and loved their neighbors. What a wonderful group and trip!” – Christine Fox, chaperone – Costa Rica, 2018

  • Dominican Republic Team

    “The trip enabled our team to love and serve the lost and marginalized. Through a series of activities, we were able to care for foster children, search for teenagers entrapped in human trafficking, share a meal with the poor, and proclaim the gospel with anyone who would listen.” – Nick Barker, chaperone –  2018

    Building projects at YL camp, befriending and engaging students with the gospel at YL Club, potential homestays with YL leaders. – 2019


  • Ecuador Team

    We believe the world is not the way it should be. All around we see hurt, brokenness, injustice, and poverty. However, we believe God has not given up on His Creation and is actively working to restore the world back to Himself. This is ultimately manifest in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • Fort Worth Team

    “Although there was much we could not always understand – the love of Jesus knows no barriers.”- Stephanie MacDowell, chaperone – 2018

    Working within the urban center of the city. Serving those who are impoverished and homeless. – 2019


  • Houston Team

    “Our kids learned about digging footings and how to mix concrete – over 200 wheel barrels of it. Our new motto: mixing concrete builds character!” Sharon Komar, chaperone 2018

    Serving within poor, rural communities outside the city. Helping continued restoration efforts from Hurricane Harvey. – 2019

  • Nashville Team

    “At the Nashville Rescue Mission and spent time serving part of one of the largest bodies of homeless people in the U.S. We’ve never seen men happier about serving in a cafeteria or eating hamburgers, potato chips, fries and apple sauce. Watching the students smile, speak, and serve was a great experience.” – Donny Johnson, chaperone – Nashville, 2018

  • Phoenix Team

    As God’s people we have the privilege of participating in His mission of restoration. In and of ourselves we do not add anything to God’s mission, but rather we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to declare and demonstrate the gospel. Over the face of the globe the Spirit is using God’s people to transform lives, feed the hungry, provide relief to the suffering, and restore what is broken. We send out mission teams with the prayer that we would align ourselves with God’s work within the world.

  • Salt Lake City Team

    “A small group of students met four homeless men outside of Temple Square. Praise the Lord, two of the men put their trust in Jesus.” Trent Whitehead, chaperone – Salt Lake City, 2018

  • Yucatan Team

    The Yucatán trip was an amazing opportunity for our students to minister and pray with individuals in a small medical facility in Valladolid, Mexico. The students were able to participate and observe very extensive medical procedures, in addition, to assist in building a house in the village for a single mom of six children. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit work through our team!” – Jeremy Richards, chaperone – Yucatán, 2018

Missions Trips

Every year our high school closes for a week and all high school students participate in school led local, national, and international mission trips.

2019 Missions Overview

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Serving Others

Scottsdale Christian Academy values serving in the community.  All middle school students participate in two community service days.  All middle and high school students also complete a minimum of 18 service hours a year, and elementary students participate in numerous service oriented field trips.

Please use this link to participate in the Spiritual Growth Assessment for the  High School.

Please use this link to participate in the Spiritual Growth Assessment for Middle School.

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