Shadow Day

Shadow Days begin every September

Scottsdale Christian Academy offers an opportunity for prospective students to see what a typical day is like on campus by “shadowing” a current SCA student. The Shadow Program is offered to prospective students from 3rd -12th grade.

Call Kim Baker at 602-992-5100 Ext. 1108 for Elementary and Carly Rudesill for Middle School and High School, Ext. 1156  to schedule a day for your child to tour. Also, you will need to complete a Shadow Day Registration and Information form.

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If your child is an elementary student (3rd-5th grade) bring your child to the Elementary School office at 8:15am. The Elementary office is located in the Administrative Building which is on the East side of the campus. Park in the parking lot adjacent to Tatum Boulevard.
If your child is a middle or high school student (6th-12th grade) bring your child to the Middle School/High School office on the West side of the campus at 8:00 am. You may park in the covered parking lot adjacent to Acoma. The entrance to the office is under the blue awning.

If your child is shadowing, please have them wear khaki or navy shorts and a solid colored polo shirt.

If your child is an elementary student you should plan on picking him/her up in the Elementary office at 2:00pm.
If your child is a Middle or High School student you should plan on picking him/her up in the Middle School/High School office at 2:30pm.

Your child should bring a water bottle, book, pen and a pencil.

You do not need to send any money for lunch. Lunch will be provided complimentary from SCA. Your child will be given a lunch pass and can choose anything he/she would like up to $6.50. There is a wide variety of things to choose from: salad bar, sandwich bar, taco and burrito bar, hot lunch and plenty of options to drink. You may send your child with a lunch if you prefer.

If your child is shadowing in Middle School or High School you may give your child money to get something in the Eagle Shoppe. The Eagle Shoppe is a place where middle school and high students can purchase snacks, drinks and souvenirs. Students can go to the Eagle Shoppe before school, after school and at lunch time.

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There is no better way to experience all that Scottsdale Christian offers than to come see it for yourself. Come visit and experience all that God is doing here.

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