Artists in Their Residences



Welcome to Focus on the Family –Krazy in the Kitchen

Hello my SCA Artists. 

Sometimes art is permanent and sometimes it is temporary.  This little sculpture is meant to be fun as you create it and then you take it apart and put everything away.  Your kitchen has lots of things you can use to create a temporary sculpture. Please send me some pictures so I can share in your experience.


SuppliesForks, plates, bowls, spoons, anything in your kitchen including food items.



Collect a few items from your kitchen for the sculpture.  Maybe start with the body, it could be a plate, then add fork legs, spoon arms, maybe a bowl head and spaghetti hair.  Keep on going. Add more details.  Take the sculpture apart and remake with other items.  GO KRAZY!!!!  And have fun.  Send me a picture of your artwork.   

Email: Crystal Cruse