Please help us to ensure our students’ safety by completing the following 5 steps.  Please Print, Complete, and Email the forms listed below to

  • Steps 1 & 2

    Volunteer Agreement & Code of Conduct

    1 & 2: Volunteer.Forms.23
    Page 1 of the Agreement form and page 2 of the Code of Conduct needs to be signed.


  • Step 3

    Signed Statement of Faith, Position on Critical Issues and Statement on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality

    3: Doctrinal.Statements.23
    Note if you are a current SCA parent and this was already completed and signed with your student enrollment for current school year, then you do not need to sign again.
  • Step 4

    Driver Information/Vehicle Insurance Form

    4: Driver.Info.Form.23
    This is only required if you wish to be eligible to be a driver (Fill entire form and provide complete explanation if YES response to questions)


  • Step 5

    Background Check

    Request for Background Check completed each year, unless you have a current Level 1 Fingerprint Card which is good for 6 years. We require all individuals to provide a copy of their Level 1 fingerprint card or information for a background screening, which we run prior to the date you begin to serve, and we may run anytime during your term of service.
    Directions for screening below:
    Use this link to submit your Background Check.  After you submit your information, a video link will be emailed to you that must be completed to finish this 5-step Volunteer sign-up process.
    Training Video Completed: This must be done one time upon initial Background Check application.
    If you would like to apply for a Level 1 Fingerprint Card (NOT REQUIRED if submitting background screening information) here is the link to the instruction sheet.


    Thank you for your interest in ministering to our students, teachers, and staff.  Scottsdale Christian Academy is blessed to have parents and community members who desire to be involved in our school. 


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